Dune Hiking in Namibia

Within the Namib desert in Namibia, there is the Sossusvlei area. This area is characterized by high sand dunes of intense pink and orange, which are among the highest dunes in the world. We will climb the tallest, nicknamed by the locals as the Big Daddy.
4 days
All Year

Hiking in The Narrows

The Virgin River has carved a spectacular ravine, called The Narrows, 26 kilometers long in the upper courses of Zion Canyon, in the US, and between 5 and 10 meters wide. Walking through The Narrows involves walking accross the Virgin River. It will be an unforgettable experience.
4 days
From June to October

Volcanoes in Indonesia

If you are passionate about volcanoes or looking for unique, safe and different experiences, a route through the most famous volcanoes of the island of Java, is certainly something to do sometime in life. Climbing the crest of these craters is an experience to live.
5 days