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Boat trip to Formentera

If enjoying a sunny day on a boat is already an experience in itself, doing it surrounded by the waters of Formentera is the icing on the cake.

You can rent a boat with your friends, with or without a skipper, if you already have a sailing license, or share the experience with others and make new friends on the trip.

We will advise you on the type of boat and the skipper´s profile and the routes to follow depending on the wind that day so that your sailing trip is as idyllic as possible.

We will only recommend only boats and yachts we have sailed and only the skippers with whom we have had the pleasure to chat.


ARRIVAL TIME30′ by boat
TRAVELLER PROFILEInclusive families with children
Non-Alcoholic DrinksSnorkel and Towel
Alcoholic Drinks

Excursion Day

Do not worry about anything. The boat is equipped with towels, a fridge with cold drinks and snorkeling equipment. Do you want anything else? You just have to ask for it. Your captain is waiting for you. He will take you to magical places that you would never have imagined to discover. Turquoise waters thanks to the Posidonia plant. Ideal to go with your family, friends or share the experience with others and meet new people. The departure is from 10h on, we adapt to your schedule. In half an hour we will arrive in Formentera and choose the coves that you would like to anchor. There, between one splash and another, we will have a glass of champagne waiting for lunch to arrive and a boat will pick us up to take us ashore to have a delicious paella in any of the fabulous beach bars of the island. We will continue our route, anchoring in as many places as we want. We will discover secret caves and see Formentera from another totally unknown and even more captivating prism. Finally, around 7pm we will head back to the city of Ibiza to begin our next adventure.

Formentera is the smallest habited island of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is located south of the island of Ibiza, just 2 nautical miles from it (about 3 kilometers), although the distance between the ports of Ibiza and La Savina (Formentera ) is 12 miles (19.3 km). The island stands out for its great environmental beauty and for its almost virgen landscape of dunes and beaches.

The posidonia, together with other photophilic plants, form seagrass beds that are a good indicator of water health since they only live in clean waters. It is a endemic Mediterranean plant declared UNESCO World Heritage in recognition of its multiple benefits to the environment.

Why is Oceanic Posidonia so important?

Phanerógamas grasslands provide a large amount of biomass and oxygen that creates suitable habitats for the survival of different marine species. Thanks to the existence of posidonia our coasts have more diversity, we get more oxygen for our own survival and the beaches suffer less erosion. The meadows generate between 4 and 20 liters of oxygen per day per square meter, constituting one of the most important sources of oxygenation in the Mediterranean. Some of this oxygen is diffused into the Earth’s atmosphere during periods of maximum productivity. It is estimated that more than 400 plant species and 1,000 animals inhabit the Posidonia meadows. A large number of these species live exclusively in the meadows, so their survival depends on the conservation of this habitat. We have dived to see the enormous meadows that can be seen at the bottom of the waters of Formentera. Here is the video: :

Diving through the fields of posidonia in Formentera

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