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If you are a lover of nature, remote islands or diving…

¡Heron Island is your island!

A coral cay with white sand on its surface, very famous for the species that visit it regularly, several times a year, depending on their migratory movements.

Located near the Tropic of Capricorn, in the south of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

ARRIVAL TIME30 minutes
FlightHotel y comidas
Local Transport Professional guide
Diving Pass

Especially noteworthy are the green and loggerhead turtles´nests on the beach sand, from October to March, and hatch at the beginning of January.

If you are a fan of birds. This is also your island.


Arrival Day

There are two ways to access Heron Island. Via ferry or via seaplane. If you have never taken a seaplane, we recommend it because it is a beautiful experience to land directly in the ocean and the 80km journey is very short. We will take the seaplane from Gladstone airport. With the ferry, departures / pickups are no available for every day.

Day 1

Once staying on the island, at Heron Island Resort (the only hotel), we will take the opportunity to go for a walk around and situate ourselves. As the island is just 800m long and 300m wide, be careful not to fall into the water. Currently the whole island is considered a National Park. Enjoying the sunsets is a unique experience in this place.

Day 2

Diving. That´s what we came for, right? We will have a couple of diving excursions to make our day complete. What you will see depends on the month you go. Turtles, rays, sharks … and of course, the Great Barrier Reef.

Day 3

Enjoy its paradisiacal beaches during the day and afterwards sign up for night diving. Night diving is one of the most impressive experiences you can do. They will only let you do it if you have previously dived with the instructors and they see you are prepared for it.

Day 4. Departure

If you were diving, it is necessary that you take the precaution of not catching a plane in the next 24 hours. Therefore we make the return to the mainland by Ferry.

Enclosed you find a video from Abbi&Kai. Thank you

Video from the tourist office of Queensland

Heron Island, is an Island located in the Great Barrier Reef close to the coast of Queensland in Australia, 460km from Brisbane.