We offer our travel experience for places we have already visited


I’m Judith

A passionate traveler that I make my life my profession: Designer of tailor-made trips… and traveller.

Persevering, hard-working, perfectionist and adventurous. But I also like to sleep, although I am in shape I get tired and a little clumsy sometimes, hahahaha… That’s why all our trips are meticulously taken care of. We look for comfort and security although we go to places where you may think it is not possible.

Meet my team: 

  • Daniel has been traveling with me for over a decade. Photographer, immortalizer of my travels and experiences companion… and traveller. Rescue diver, yacht skipper… he is the one photographing, recording and editing all our trips, wherever we are. Without him, little or nothing could be shown to you on this website. 
  • Laura and Christina are our daily support… and travellers, too. The hidden face and at the same time the most beautiful. Without them, we could never go that far. . . and that long. 

We have travelled halfway around the world, discovering fascinating places and, at the same time, constantly making mistakes. That’s our experience. Identify mistakes so you don’t repeat them in your next destination.

We want to enjoy designing your trip.

We want to feel like travellers while you are traveling! 

In the end, this is our profession and vocation: designers of tailor-made trips but only for places we have been.